Sledog Alaskan Malamutes and Greenland Dogs

We firmly believe in learning about your chosen breed before going on to breed litters yourself. There are far too many breeders that are planning litters before they have the knowledge and experience to help and guide new owners. We have noticed an increase in people planning litters before they have even brought up dogs of each sex to adulthood, these are the breeders that are compounding the lack of knowledge in these magnificent, but sometimes difficult breeds. Having owned Malamutes since 2001 and Greenlands since 2003 and although we are always learning, we feel we have enough understanding of these breeds to help new owners to overcome any difficulties. We are very privileged to be able to count experienced, knowledgeable, stalwarts with 20 years+ in these breeds as amongst our close friends, who continue to guide us. We bred our first Malamute litter in 2007, our second in 2009 and our third in 2011. We bred our first Greenland Dog litter in 2010. We are listed on the AMCUK & GDCGB breeders list and are KC assured breeders.
We only breed when we want another dog for ourselves and would only breed one or two litters in a year. As members of both the Alaskan Malamute Club of the United Kingdom & the Greenland Dog Club of Great Britain we strictly adhere to the breeding code of ethics laid down by each club. We feel very strongly about these issues and would advise puppy purchasers to steer well clear of breeders that do not fulfill these criteria. Our dogs are hip scored and eye tested in accordance with the requirements of the respective breed clubs. Our malamutes are also certified for Chd, by either the AMCA or the AMCV.

Our aims as breeders is to improve the dogs with each decision that we make, ensuring that we are breeding to the relevant breed standards and only breeding from sound dogs. That means sound in health, conformation and temperament. When people look at our dogs they should be confident that they could do the job that they were bred for.

We require all potential puppy purchasers to complete our puppy form. You will then be invited to visit us at our home to meet our dogs. If you and we are both happy then you will be accepted onto our waiting list.

We care very much where our puppies are placed and so all potential owners will be vigorously vetted. We want lifetime homes for our puppies and in turn we will provide you with lifetime back up, we will always take back one of our puppies throughout it’s entire lifetime should circumstances change. We hope that you can understand our strictness, all of our puppies form part of our extended family.

All puppies will be sold with a contract, detailing the endorsements placed on the registration document which will include “Progeny not eligible for registration” and “Not eligible for issue of export pedigree” amongst other conditions. We have had our contracts checked by the KC for correct wording and all of the three contracts that we use; show/breeding, show only and pet/neuter have been approved.

Our puppies leave us at 10/11 weeks old fully inoculated, this will enable you to continue the socialisation that we would have started without interruption, microchipped, fully wormed, with an information & diet sheet, with biscuit & meat food bags, with a 5 generation pedigree, with their KC registration papers, with their inoculation card and with copies of parents health certificates.

Puppies sold as pets will be required to be neutered by 1 1/2 years of age, a veterinary certificate to show this will enable you to request our contribution towards this cost. On no account will the “Progeny not eligible for registration” endorsement be lifted on pet dogs regardless of ANY circumstances.

Show prospect puppies are just that, we do not guarantee that such puppies will be world beaters, however we would never encourage any of our puppies to be shown that do not meet the standard as we would not want to taint our reputation with sub standard dogs in the show ring. We will never compromise and breed dogs just to win in the show ring, we have higher standards than that and will never follow a current fashion. The breed standard is our only guide.
We do not home to pure show kennels, all Sledog puppies will be homed where they have a "job" to do, be it agility, working, obedience or just hauling around the yard. We do not sell Malamute breeding stock to people we do not know well.

 WINTER 2015
Sledog are proud & delighted to announce a litter in conjunction with the famous Tasermiut kennels for 2015.

 Details will be posted here nearer the time.















Sire - Jester Sledog Av Tasermiut (Nor imp)
Hips - 6:3
Eyes - clear
DOB - 11/03/12

Puck has fantastic conformation.He excels in correct balanced movement. He always applies himself to working activities with gusto. He has also achieved great success in the show ring, winning Best Of Breed at Crufts in 2014. He is very dog tolerant & lives with entire males. He is an absolute joy to live with. Thanks to Kristin & Odd for allowing Puck to come to the UK.

Significant show results;
Best Puppy - Crufts 2013
Top Greenland Dog Puppy 2012/2013
Best Of Breed - Crufts 2014
Working Group 1 - Retford 2014

Dam - Arabica Av Tasermiut At Sledog (Nor imp)

Hips - 4:5
Eyes - clear
DOB - 16/11/09

Java is another great from the Tasermiut kennel who excels in both conformation and correct balanced movement. She is a very willing worker, whether in harness, in weightpull or backpacking, she always gives 100%. She has surpassed all expectations in the show ring, winning Best Of Breed at Crufts in both 2012 & 2015, the only bitch to have achieved this in the history of the breed exhibiting at Crufts. She is a happy go lucky dog with the sweetest temperament, she adores people and is a fantastic ambassador for the breed. We are so grateful to Kristin & Odd for allowing us to home her.

Significant show results;
Best Of Breed - Crufts 2012
Top Greenland Dog 2012/2013/2014
Best Of Breed - Crufts 2015
Muttiple Group Placings
17 x Best Of Breeds

The Tasermiut kennel was founded in 1958 by Mr. Bjørn Bjørndal when his first Greenland Dog ‘Eir’ arrived. The following year, his second dog called ‘Trekkhundklubbens Rex’ joined them which was quickly followed by a bitch called ‘Adula’ and another male called ‘Qerditoq’. This was the start of the Tasermiut Greenland Dog Kennel. 
In 1993, Mr. Bjørndal’s daughter Kristin, having already worked with the dogs and her father for most of her life, became co-owner of the kennel taking over completely, some years later and since 2008, the kennel is in the safe keeping of Kristin and her partner Odd Lund.
The kennel enjoys tremendous success in many areas including long distance sled dog racing, breeding and in the show ring with Tasermiut Greenland Dogs being in the pedigrees of most Norwegian bred Greenland Dogs today.
When it comes to breeding, the kennel’s main aim is to produce healthy, functional dogs with good temperaments and it is committed to upholding the true characteristics, traits and appearance of the original Greenland Dog being dogs of good size and strength and working ability. 
These values put the kennel at the pinnacle of Greenland Dog breeding in Scandinavia and one that is envied throughout Europe. Puppies born from this kennel are much prized and sought after by enthusiasts looking to race, show, breed and have their Greenland Dogs for companionship.
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