Sledog Alaskan Malamutes and Greenland Dogs

About Otis
Otis has developed into a lovely example of the Greenland Dog, he has surpassed all that we could of expected from him in the show ring.

Similar to Milo in character he is a complete clown, he spends most of his time playing with Nova & Grit getting up to mischief.

Otis settled well into the pack and now as top dog is very careful to ensure all is in order. Otis is a very fair top dog and is never unreasonable with the other dogs. Otis learns at the speed of light and so training him progressed quickly.

We have always admired Gus and so were over the moon that he was to be the sire of the litter.

Otis is definitely proving he was worth the wait.

Otis was featured in the February 2006 edition of “Esquire” men’s lifestyle magazine.

Otis developed prostate cancer and so is now neutered. We lost Otis to osteosarcoma in his knee.

3 x Class Wins Crufts
5 x Best Of Breed
5 x Best Dog
7 x Reserve Best Dog
2 x Best Puppy
5 x Best Puppy
2 x Puppy Group 3
7 x Best Of Breed
4 x Reserve Best Of Breed
1 x Best AV Sled Dog In Show
1 x Best Rare Breed
Vital Statistics                                             
Date of Birth:                   09/06/03 - 13/06/14
Hip Score:                                                   N/A
Eye Test:                                                    N/A
Weight:                                               38.80 kg
Height:                                        63cm/24 3/4"
Pedigree:                                                 Here
Puppies:                                                     N/A
Chd# :                                                        N/A
Long Coat Gene:                                        N/A
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 Tel - +44 (0) 1406 331244