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About Ilik
Born in Illulisat, Greenland. He along with his litter brothers, were exported to Denmark as young puppies. As is well documented, Greenland Dogs are the only breed allowed in Greenland and no dogs can be taken onto the island or return if they leave. They do not register their dogs in Greenland with there not being a kennel club there, so the three puppies were brought before a Danish Kennel Club board to be thoroughly assessed by breed experts who deemed them all to be excellent examples of the breed and therefore eligible for registration as such with the Danish Kennel Club & the Danish Dog Register. It is Denmark who has sovereignty over Greenland which allows for this unique arrangement. Ilik has only been shown twice in Denmark but has gained his first Danish Certificate on the way to gaining his Danish title. He requires three such awards to gain his Danish title so maybe we’ll visit some Danish shows in the future? Ilik is top Greenland male in Denmark for 2007 and his litter brother was top Greenland Dog in Denmark for 2006.

1 Danish Certificate
Placed UK - AVNSC
None attended
Danish Greenland Male Of The Year 2007
Vital Statistics                                             
Date of Birth:                   30/06/02 - 20/05/14
Hip Score:                                                   A/B
Eye Test:                               Clear 08/06/2010
Weight:                                               37.85 kg
Height:                                                66cm/26"
Pedigree:                                                     N/A
Puppies:                                                      N/A
DNA Profiled:                                       19/10/10
Long Coat Gene:                                         N/A
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