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About Onyx
Onyx was our choice right from the first pictures Sue sent to us when the pups were just a few weeks old. We were even more sure of the choice once we met her aged just 8 weeks old. Her development amazed us and we were over the moon when she arrived with Nero. Onyx settled completely into our pack, mixing with all of our existing dogs in and out of the home. Onyx was the most laid back gentle soul we have ever had the “joy” to encounter.
Onyx could turn her paw to anything, she was a specialty class winner in conformation, a sucessful competitor at agility shows attending a weekly agility class, a working team dog on snow and on dryland, earning her WTD title with ease whilst at Mountain Home, she also completed the first leg of her WPD title and above all else was just our baby whom we loved so much. She was our princess and loved nothing more than climbing up onto your lap for a cuddle.
Not a minute goes past without us wishing she was still here with us, a seemingly inconspicuous accident where she ate part of a dog toy, lead to the peritonitis that took her away from us. Despite the great efforts of our vet and their staff and the staff at Cambridge University, Queens Veterinary School Hospital, where she battled bravely for 4 days in the ICU, she was taken from us. We would do ANYTHING to have her back, even for just a minute. 
We would like to thank our friends and family who have been such a comfort to us during this dark time, they really knew how much Onyx meant to us and have been there to help us through.
Onyx surpassed all that we could have expected of a Mountain Home pup. We can't thank Sue & Roy enough for allowing us to spend the most enjoyable 4 years with such an amazing girl.
Sleep tight our sweet Onyx - we love you so much.
Vital Statistics                                             
Date of Birth:                 24/07/05 to 25/06/10
Hip Score:                                                   3:5
Eye Test:                                  Clear 21/09/09
Weight:                                                33 kg
Height:                                        59cm/23 1/4"
Pedigree:                                                 Here
Puppies:                                                    N/A
Chd#: AMCA.13489                      #: 60602
Long Coat Gene:                            N/F Carrier

Stuart first “met” Sue while serving on the AMCUK committee. Sue is responsible for the AMCA Working Dog Titles and Stuart was liasing with Sue to bring the AMCUK under the American working titles umbrella. What a stroke of luck for us, as soon as we looked at Sue & Roy’s website we were very impressed with their dogs and their methods. What temperaments, what substance, what working ability, we were sold! After visiting Sue & Roy in their “Mountain Home” during 2004 we were placed on their waiting list for two puppies. Sue & Roy are certainly dog people and their kennel is amazing, all of their kennel mates (up to 4 dogs) are same sex. On one visit 13 bitches were in season and you just wouldn’t know it! We were lucky enough to visit them again in 2005 to pick our pups at 7/8 weeks old. We are very grateful to Sue who has sent pictures and updates on a regular basis. Thanks to Sue & Roy for all their help and for training the pups.

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