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About Sofi
Sofi is a delight to have around. She is so loving and has settled in very well with the pack. She lives with Nero and they are now inseperable.
We are so pleased to have her with her impressive pedigree in this country.
We are so grateful to Nicole & Marcus.
Qualified for Crufts 2012 to 2015
3 x Best Bitch (Including Crufts)
2 x RES Best Bitch
1 x Best Of Breed
2 x Res Best Of Breed
None attended
Vital Statistics                                             

Date of Birth:                                     18/02/09

Hip Score:                                                   6:5
Eye Test:                                  Clear 12/05/10
Weight:                                              29.25 kg
Height:                                                       24"
Pedigree:                                                 Here
Puppies:                                          Jahanghirs
Chd# :                                                      N/A
Long Coat Gene:                                      N/A

It has been a frustrating and epic journey to get Sofi but it has been well worth it. Sofi’s parents are well proven dual purpose dogs excelling both in harness and in the show ring.  Sofi was due to arrive at Sledog at the end of 2009 but after a year of waiting, she has finally arrived. Sofi was born in Sweden out of a lovely bitch from the famous Racystar Kennel and by one of Europe’s top Greenland Dogs from Norway, she was bred by who we thought was a genuine Samoyed SKK breeder, having her first Greenland Dog litter. Marie Lille, also known as Mia Lille, is a breeder to be avoided who lied to us, stole from us and neglected her dogs and her children. Eventually, all of her dogs and even her children were taken away from her and Sofi ended up in a Police kennel. Through the hard work and kindness of the SPHK (the Spitz Dog Club of Sweden), Nicole and Marcus Schwarz, to whom we are forever indebted, Sofi was saved and looked after until she was ready to travel to us under the pet travel scheme. Thanks also to those that helped along the way, Pernilla Wickstrom-Osietzki, Sofia Christensen and Per Agefeldt. We were very pleased to hear that Marie has now received a lifetime ban on breeding pedigree dogs from the SKK. Meeting Sofi, you would never guess what she has been through and she looks set to make a mark on the breed in this country.

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